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Negotiation Skills for purchasing Personnel


4. Negotiating Styles

b. Accommodation

  • Accommodation as a negotiating style is characterized by the desire to please others at the expense of your own interests. This approach is often called “lose-win negotiation” or “soft negotiation”. Accommodation is very appropriate when the issues are much more important to the other party and there is an opportunity to build “credits” for later use on more important issues. This is the principle of making concessions in negotiation. Other uses for an accommodating approach include:

    • when you find out that you are in the wrong;

    • you want to seem reasonable;

    • continued competition would only damage the situation or the relationship;

    • preserving the relationship is especially important; and

    • you want to minimize losses by conceding early.

  • Potential negative consequences of accommodating include

    • frustration as own needs are not met;

    • relinquished best solution; and

    • self-esteem undermined.